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Bridge and Dementia Prevention

The WBF Bridge & Science Committee, chaired by Dr. Marek Malysa has released a specialist paper on the subject of Bridge in the context of[...]

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2020 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods now in force

From WADA Headquarters, Montreal, 1 January 2020 – The World Anti-Doping Agency[...]

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Eligibility Regulations

On 2nd December at the meetings held in San Francisco, the WBF  Management Committee unanimously approved[...]

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Decisions taken by the Executive Council

During the meetings held in Wuhan from 15th to 20th September, the WBF Executive Council took[...]

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WBF and University of Stirling Research Updates

The WBF recently funded a research project at the University of Stirling titled: Sociology of Bridge: Understanding Dynamics and Interactions of the Bridge World[...]

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WBF-APBF NBOs Officers’ Seminar – Singapore

As announced the WBF – APBF NBOs Officers’ Seminar was held in Singapore from 8th to 10th June. It followed both the successful NBO Officers’[...]

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A fighter’s Last Battle

by Christina Lund Madsen, January 2014 Jens Auken was known for never giving up. In October 2012 his will to live got him through a[...]

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