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Decisions taken by the Executive Council

Decisions taken by the Executive Council

By In Archive, News, Resources On 20th September 2019

During the meetings held in Wuhan from 15th to 20th September, the WBF Executive Council took the following decision:

I. Provisional suspension of the Ukrainian Bridge Federation.

II. Institution of a World e-Bridge Championship delegating to the Management Committee the definition of a project to be submitted to the approval of the Executive Council.

III. The zonal qualification quota for 2021 World Bridge Team Championships
Zonal Qualified teams for Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, d’Orsi Trophy & Mixed Teams (in addition to the Host Teams):
Zone 1 – 8 teams
Zone 2 – 3 teams
Zone 3 – 2 teams
Zone 4 – 2 teams
Zone 5 – 1 team
Zone 6 – 3 teams
Zone 7 – 2 teams
Zone 8 – 2 teams

If any Zone does not fill its quota the first berth will be offered to Zone 1, the second to Zone 6 and the third to Zone 1.

Should there be subsequent withdrawals the following considerations will apply: Zones 2 & 7 have allocated berths by agreement and thus are not considered for additional berths.

For the other zones the criteria for allocation of vacant berths will be:

1. That at least 50% of their member NBOs participated in the Zonal Qualification Championships
2. Then the highest ranked team not already having a berth will be taken from one of remaining qualifying Zones.
3. In the event of more than one Zone being qualified, the Zone with the highest number of teams participating in their Zonal Championship will take precedence.

IV. At the IMSA World Masters Championship organized by IMSA, to be held in Hengshui, China (April 26th – May 3rd 2020) the first three NBO National Teams qualified in the 2019 Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup, in addition to the National Team of the host country (China), will be invited.

V. On the proposal of the Youth Committee a new category for players under the age of thirty-one, U31, will be introduced starting in 2020.

VI. On the proposal of the Youth Committee the “World Youth Open Bridge Championships” is renamed the “World Youth Transnational Bridge Championships”.

VII. Updating of the Official WBF TDs Register:
Mr Laurie Kelso promoted Head TD
Mrs. Jeanne van den Meiracker promoted Co-Head TD;
Mr. Rahmi Iyilikci promoted Chief TD.
Mr. Ken Horwedel, Mr. Peter Eidt, Mr. Jacob Duschek promoted Assistant Chief TD
Mr. Robin Barker, Mr. Richard Bley promoted Tournament Directors
Mr. Sean Mullamphy has been removed from the list for health reason.

VIII. The World Mixed Teams Championship is entitled to the City of Wuhan as “Wuhan Cup” and Trophy and Replicas, kindly offered by the City of Wuhan and the Chinese Contract Bridge Association, are introduced.

IX. Amending of art. 2.4 and 9.2 of the WBF Disciplinary Code giving the Disciplinary Tribunal competence in antidoping matters.

X. Amending of the WBF Antidoping Rules replacing the WBF’s Doping Hearing Panel with the WBF Disciplinary Tribunal and amending art. 11.2

XI. The 4th WBF Zonal Officers Seminar will be held in Lima, Perù, in May 2020

XII. Starting from 1st January 2020 Category 1 of the Systems allowed at the WBF Championship (WBF System Policy art.3) includes all the competitions in Open, Women, Senior, Mixed, Under 31 and Under 26.