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The World Bridge Federation (WBF) has taken on the task of compiling an International player database of all registered players of the WBF member National Bridge Organizations (NBOs).   The International player database will be used to register players at WBF events starting in Sanya, China at the 2014 World Bridge Series and to identify players at tournaments and clubs around the world.  The players’ names and identifications will also be incorporated into wireless scoring machines, such as Bridgemate, to recognize players wherever they play.  A player’s NBO Identification as well as any WBF player identification will be recorded.

In order to complete the project player data is sought from all NBOs.  Once the initial data is recorded a timetable will be set for periodically updating the data.

The first implementation will only contain the player’s NBO code and name.

At the end of this year procedures will be made available for the NBOs to: (a) upload/update their local data into the International database and (b) download/update the Bridgemate files by NBOs’ recognized Tournament Directors.

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Red Bull WBS Logo

​​Sanya - "A real World Championship ..."

The 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series will be held in Sanya, Hainan, China from 10th to 25th October 2014 hosted by the Chinese Contract Bridge Association in cooperation with Sanya City and Beijing Lianzhong Co., Ltd.

The Blue Mosque, IstanbulIstanbul - the World Youth Team Championships

The World Youth Teams Championships were held at the Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey from 13th – 23rd  August 2014

Latest information :

Gianarrigo Rona and Phyllis HarlanGianarrigo Rona, the newest member of the ACBL ​Goodwill Committee

On Monday 21st July in Las Vegas at the Goodwill Meeting, during the Summer Nationals,  the WBF President Gianarrigo Rona, was introduced by the ACBL President Phyllis Harlan (pictured left with Mr Rona) as the newest member of the ACBL Goodwill Committee.

The members of the Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee, are charged with being leaders in the campaign to promote bridge and friendly behaviour and to make the duplicate experience pleasant for everyone.  

When Harlan attached the Goodwill pin to his shirt, Rona said, “I’m here as a friend.  It’s for me a great honour and privilege. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will wear this pin with pride.”

Disciplinary Matters:

Ruling of the WBF Appeals Tribunal - 16th July 2014

Click here to download the WBF Press Release concerning the Appeals Tribunal

Signing the Contract

7th FISU World University Bridge Championships 2014

1st - 7th November, Opatija, Croatia

Invitations have now been sent to NBOs to invite each country to send up to 2 national student teams to the World University Bridge Championships in Croatia.

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The Contract for the 2015 World Bridge Teams is signed

Members of the WBF Management Committee met the President of the Indian Federation and signed the contract for the 2015 World Bridge Teams which will be held at the ITC Grand Chola Hotel Chennai, India (formerly Madras) from 26th September - 10th October.


Players approve the new WBF VP Scales

In December last year, the WBF conducted a survey, asking players who had participated in the World Championships in Bali, together with other top players from around the world, what their views were on the new IMP-VP scales introduced at the end of 2012.

365 players, a very high response level, completed the survey, with over 65% of them being in favour of the new scales.

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