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World Bridge Tour latest !

The Schapiro Spring Foursomes brought a major change in the top of the Tour rankings. Through their victory on the Orca team, Espen Erichsen &[...]

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WBF NBO Seminar 2024

The WBF hosted a very successful NBO Seminar in Bangkok, attended by 25 Officers from 14 NBOs, 4 Zones (4, 6, 7, 8). The documents[...]

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WBT new leaders!

The European Winter Championships in Alpe d’Huez altered the standings at the top of the Tour ranking. With their victory in the Swiss/KO on the[...]

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TD Workshop

The WBF and EBL are delighted to announce that the next TD Workshop will be held in the Hotel Grami, Sofia, Bulgaria from 21 to[...]

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Another change at the top of the WBT !

With their victory in the South American Transnational Teams, Kevin Bathurst & John Hurd took the pole position in the overall rankings, just ahead of[...]

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New leaders for the WBT !

As predicted, the three Tour events at the NABC in Louisville altered the standings quite dramatically. Giovanni Donati & Giacomo Percario leapt directly into first[...]

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