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WBT News!

WBT News!

By In Event update, News On 20th September 2023

The World Championships in Marrakech are over. Not surprisingly they resulted in large movements in the Tour rankings. Jacek Kalita & Michal Klukowski took a giant leap all the way up to 12th place after winning the Bermuda Bowl (their teammates were already highly placed).

At the very top Antonio Sementa & Alfredo Versace overtook Thomas Bessis & Cedric Lorenzini (who did not play in Marrakech) by placing third in the Bermuda Bowl, to re-claim the top spot in the rankings.

Christian Bakke & Boye Brogeland moved from 7th to 3rd by finishing second in the Bermuda Bowl. Sjoert Brink & Bas Drijver, Joe Grue & Brad Moss and Jerome & Leo Rombaut round out the top six.

Coming up still this month are Tour events in Lithuania, New Zealand, and Turkey, which I suspect will result in a few more partnerships being added to the 771(!) already in the Tour Ranking.