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15th World Bridge Series, Orlando

The schedule of play for the 2018 World Bridge Series to be held in Orlando has now been finalised and can be downloaded by clicking[...]

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17 World Youth Bridge Team Championships

We are very pleased to confirm that the Championships will be held at Li Ze Culture and Sports Palace, Wujiang District,[...]

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Dates for the 2018 World Wide Bridge Contest heats are announced

The 2018 World Wide Bridge Contest will be played on eight different days with[...]

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2nd IMSA Elite Mind Games – Results

Below the list of medallists at the 2nd IMSA ELITE MIND GAMES, held in Huai’an, China: Individual In the Open, [...]

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2nd IMSA ELITE MIND GAMES – Schedule & Info

The 2nd IMSA ELITE MIND GAMES will take place at the New Century Grand Hotel, Huai’an, China, from 9th to 15th December.[...]

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WBF Online Women Bridge Festival

The results from the succesful Women Online Autumn Festival (13-19 November 2017) will be found by clicking the links below:[...]

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2nd IMSA Elite Mind Games – Team Rosters

The 2nd edition of the IMSA Elite Mind Games, organised by the Board and Card Games Administrative Center[...]

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4th Beijing Hua Yuan World Women’s Elite Bridge Tournament

The 4th edition of the Beijing Hua Yuan World Women’s Elite Bridge Tournament, a biennial invitational competition, organised[...]

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The WWBC Finals – Results & Closing Ceremony

After 39 rounds and 156 boards, the Chinese pair formed by Zhao Haibo and Tao Jianhua won the 2017 edition of the World Wide Bridge[...]

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The WWBC Finals – Opening Ceremony

M.me Chen Zhili, former member of the People Republic of China Parliament opened the Final of the 31st World Wide Bridge Contest[...]

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The WWBC Finals!

The Finals are being played at the magnificent Hotel Nuo in Beijing, where all the winning pairs are hosted by Ourgame. The 24 finalists from[...]

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Looking forward to the World Bridge Series 2018

The 2018 World Bridge Series will be held in Orlando, Florida from 21st September – 6th October 2018.[...]

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43rd World Bridge Teams Championships: the Winners

The 43rd World Bridge Team Championships and the 11th FunBridge World Transnational Open Teams ended tonight. [...]

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2017 IMSA Elite Games

The Elite Games will be held from 9th – 15th December in Huai’an. The following teams are invited to participate: Open Teams: China France (European[...]

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Results from the 2017 World Wide Bridge Contest

OurGame has just announced that 24 pairs from the 8 heats will be invited to the Final in Beijing, instead of the 20 pairs originally[...]

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11th FunBridge World Transnational Open Team
Partnership Desk

Are you looking for a partner or team for the 11th World Transnational Open Teams?[...]

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17th World Youth Bridge Teams Championship

On 24th and 25th May, the WBF President Gianarrigo Rona met the CCBA Vice President Ge Feng, the Deputy Director General of[...]

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WBF – ABF NBOs Officers’ Seminar
Cape Town, South Africa, 3rd – 5th May 2017

As announced the WBF – ABF NBOs Officers’ Seminar was held in Cape Town, South Africa from 3rd to 5th May. It followed the successful[...]

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2017 WBF Women’s Online Spring Festival

Many congratulations to Connie Marfell who won the 2017 Spring Festival. We hope she is looking forward to taking up her prize[...]

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