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Nominations For the WBF Executive Council

Nominations For the WBF Executive Council

By In News On 5th October 2020

The nominations have been received for the candidates to serve on the WBF Executive Council and have been sent to the NBOs together with information about how the voting will take place. The results of the voting  will be notified by the Independent Proxy during the ”residual” Congress on the 3rd November 2020.

The candidates are listed below and clicking on their name will take you to their CV:

Patrick Bogacki France Zone 1
Tonje Brogeland Norway Zone 1
Marek Malysa Poland Zone 1
Paul Porteous Ireland Zone 1
Fernando Lema Argentina Zone 3
Rehana Saigol Pakistan Zone 4
Wang Yannan China Zone 6
Helen Kruger South Africa Zone 8