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1st IMSA World Masters Championship

1st IMSA World Masters Championship

By In Archive, Event update, News On 14th May 2019

The 1st IMSA World Masters Championship is underway in Hengshui City, China. In the Open, the teams competing are China, France, Netherlands and Norway.
In the Women there are China, England, Poland and Sweden.

Live News from the Championships at http://championships.worldbridge.org/hengshui-19

Results and Ranking at http://db.worldbridge.org/repository/tourn/hengshui.19/microsite/results.htm

The first two days the teams play a double round robin, each consisting of three matches, 16 boards per match. The third day the top two teams play the final and the last two play for the bronze medal.
Time schedule:
10.00 – 12.20
14.00 – 16.20
16.50 – 19.10

On day 4 pairs start to end the next day. They will play four times a full Round Robin of 22 boards.
Time schedule:
10.00 – 13.00
15.00 – 18.00
9.45 – 12.45
13.45 – 16.45