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15th World Bridge Series – The Last Results

15th World Bridge Series – The Last Results

By In Archive, Event update, News On 7th October 2018

After 14 days of competitions and 105.718 boards played, finally we have come to the end.
These are the final medals to be awarded and we wish all the participants a safe journey home and look forward to seeing you at the next Championship.

The Mixed Pairs

1. Franck Multon – Sylvie Willard
2. Petra Hamman – Hemant Lall
3. Philippe Cronier – Benedicte Cronier

The Mixed Teams

1. Manfield: Beth Palmer (pc), William Cole, Melanie Manfield, William Pettis, Debbie Rosenberg and Michael Rosenberg.
2. Wilson: Sally Brock, Richard Ritmeijer, Magdalena Ticha, Ricco Van Prooijen, Chris Willenken, Alison Wilson.
3. Ferm: Simon De Wijs, Christina Lund Madsen, Bas Drijver, Daniela Von Arnim, Barbara Ferm,Sjoert Brink (pc).


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