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4th Beijing Hua Yuan World Women’s Elite Bridge Tournament

4th Beijing Hua Yuan World Women’s Elite Bridge Tournament

By In Archive, Event update, News On 29th September 2017

The 4th edition of the Beijing Hua Yuan World Women’s Elite Bridge Tournament, a biennial invitational competition, organised by the Chinese Contract Bridge Association – CCBA – since 2011, will be held at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel in Beijing, China, from 15th to 22nd October 2017.
Eight Women Teams (48 players) will partecipate in the event: the 3 medallist teams of the 2015 Edition (Beijing Hua Yuan, Italy and France), China, USA (Wroclaw 2016 Gold Medallist ), Scotland (Wroclaw 2016 Semi-finalist) England (2016 European Champion) and Denmark (2017 European Champion).
The quality of the participants is impressive with 18 WBF World Grand Masters, 23 World Champions, the first 3 players (Nicola Smith, Wenfei Wang, Sally Brock) and 8 of the first 10 of the current WBF Ranking, the first 2 (Nicola Smith, Lynn Deas) and 7 of the first 10 of the WBF All Time Ranking.
The competition starts with the 24 pairs from the 8 teams playing an Endless Howell of 23 rounds of 3 boards each in barometer style. Then the 8 teams will play a complete double round robin consisting of 14 rounds of 12-board matches.


Sun Ming, Wang Ping, Lu Yan, Liu Yan, Gu Ling, Dong Yongling, Du Fengchao (npc), Liu Jie (coach)

Wang Wenfei, Shen Qi, Wang Nan, Huang Yan, Wang Jianxin (npc), Wang Xiaojing (coach)

Bjoerg Houmoeller, Signe Buus Thomsen, Tina Ege, Stense Farholt, Helle Rasmussen, Lone Bilde, Bo Loenberg Bilde (npc), Jacob Roen (coach)

Fiona Brown, Sally Brock, Catherine Draper, Lizzie Godfrey, Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith

Bénédicte Cronier, Catherine D’Ovidio, Anne-Laure Hubershwiller, Jennifer Morgues, Catherine Mus, Vanessa Reess

Margherita Chavarria, Caterina Ferlazzo, Gabriella Manara, Chiara Martellini, Silvia Martellini, Michela Salvato, Valerio Giubilo (npc)

Helen Kane, Paula Leslie, Elizabeth(Liz)McGowan, Fiona McQuaker , Samantha Punch, Grace Anne Symons, Brian Short (npc), Daniel Kane (coach)

Lynn Deas, Pamela Granovetter, Irina Levitina, Kerri Sanborn, Janice Seamon-Molson, Sylvia Shi, Julie Seamon (npc), Matthew Granovetter (coach)


October 15th
17:30: Opening Ceremony

October 16th
8:00-8:45: Captain’s meeting
9:00-12:00: pair event, round 1-9
14:00-18:00: pair event, round 10-16
Free activities

October 17th
9:00-12:00: pair event, round 17-23
Free activities

October 18th
8:30-10:10: team event, RR1-Round 1
10:40-12:20: team event, RR1-Round 2
14:00-15:40: team event, RR1-Round 3
16:10-17:50: team event, RR1-Round 4
Free activities

October 19th
8:30-10:10: team event, RR1-Round 5
10:40-12:20: team event, RR1-Round 6
14:00-15:40: team event, RR1-Round 7
16:10-17:50: team event, RR2-Round 1
Free Activities

October 20th
8:30-10:10: team event, RR2-Round 2
10:40-12:20: team event, RR2-Round 3
14:00-15:40: team event, RR2-Round 4
16:10-17:50: team event, RR2-Round 5
Free Activities

October 21st
8:30-10:10: team event, RR2-Round 6
10:40-12:20: team event, RR2-Round 7
18:30: Prize Giving

October 22nd