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The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2027 – An Open Invitation

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2027 – An Open Invitation

By In News, Official announcements On 2nd June 2022

The WBF Laws Committee is now giving some preliminary thought to the next review of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.  Its first decision is to issue a worldwide invitation to tournament officials, directors, players, administrators, zones and NBOs; requesting that they send any thoughts they may have as to desirable changes in the laws.

The Committee is primarily interested in suggestions which either:

  1. propose a change in the effect of the law; or
  2. retain the current effect of the law but focus on improvements to the wording and/or layout of a law.

The broad inclination of the Committee, as it commences the task, is to concentrate mainly on proposals in category b).  However, all suggestions will receive consideration.

Contributions should be sent to:


For ease of identification and sorting, we request:

  • That the subject line of every email contains the words “2027 Duplicate Bridge Law”, which may then be followed by a law number.

Given the likely number of suggestions that will be sent, please do not anticipate an immediate acknowledgement of receipt.  Do not assume that everything received since 2017 will be on record — send it afresh if you wish to have it included.

  • The deadline for submissions is 30th June 2023.

Laurie Kelso
(Secretary – WBF Laws Committee)