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6th World Youth Open Championships: the final results

6th World Youth Open Championships: the final results

By In Archive, News, Youth On 29th August 2019

The last competition of the 6th World Youth Open Championships ended today. The medallists of the Individual Championships are listed


Under 26 Individual, podium:
1. Mateusz SOBCZAK (Poland)
2. Philip SCHEBERAN (Austria)
3. Matko FERENCA (Croatia)

Women Under 26 Individual, podium:
1. Valentina DALPOZZO (Italy)
2. Aleksandra OVUKA (Serbia)
3. Qiufeng XIANG (China)

Under 21 Individual, podium:
1. Krzysztof CICHY (Poland)
2. Patryk PATREUHA (Poland)
3. Cheng DENG (China)

Under 16 Individual, podium:
1. Tianle YAO (China)
2. Tengbo TANG (China)
3. Shuoming MA (China)

During the prize-giving ceremony, medals were awarded to the winners of the Triathlon, by combining the results of the Pairs Championships, of the Teams Championships and of the Individual Championships:

Under 26, Triathlon podium:
2. Mateusz SOBCZAK (Poland)
3. Jamie THOMPSON (Australia)

Women under 26, Triathlon podium:
1. Thea Lucia INDREBO (Norway)
2. Yijia LU (China)
3. Chenyun GE (China)

Under 21, Triathlon podium:
1. Kacper KOPKA (Poland)
2. Krzysztof CICHY (Poland)
3. Tomasz KIELBASA (Poland)

Under 16, Triathlon podium:
1. Kacper KUFLOWSKI (Poland)
2. Michal STASIK (Poland)
3. Ningyu LANG (China)

The Joan Gerard Youth Awards winners:
Under 16: Jasmine BAKHSHI (England)
Under 21: Rui WANG (China)
Women under 26: Joanna ZALEWSKA (Poland)
Under 26: Team Australia (Renee COOPER, John MCMAHON, Nicholas RANSON, Matthew SMITH, Andrew SPOONER, Jamie THOMPSON, Michael DOECKE captain)

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