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Anti-Doping Testing

Anti-Doping Testing

By In Archive, News On 3rd November 2017

Following the publication of the 2016 Anti-Doping Testing figures the WBF would like it to be known that there were no positive results from any of the tests taken by players at the World Bridge Championships in 2016. We note that the majority of failed tests organised by National Anti-Doping Organisations, notably those in Italy and Portugal, were for diuretics, a medication prohibited as it is a masking agent for other substances. Players taking any type of medication or using supplements are advised to check the current WADA Prohibited List which can be downloaded from https://www.wada-ama.org/en/prohibited-list and to ensure that they have a valid Therapeutic Exemption Certificate at all times. More information about the WBF Anti-Doping Rules, including links to download TUE forms can be found at: http://www.worldbridge.org/rules-regulations/anti-doping-regulations/
The WBF is committed to ensuring that it fully complies with WADA requirements and that those who play in its Championships are fully aware of the importance of the Regulations and the need to satisfy them.