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The APBF Championships and Elections

The APBF Championships and Elections

By In News On 21st May 2015

Zone 6 Elections

At the General Meeting of the Asia Pacific Bridge Federation held on 20th May, Esther Sophonpanich, pictured up, was re-elected as APBF President. Patrick Choy and Chen Zelan, pictured right, were re-elected as Members of the WBF Executive Council representing Zone 6.

The WBF President, who was unable to attend the meeting, sent his good wishes to the Board of the APBF, saying that he looked forward to the further development of bridge from this very active and progressive Zone.

Patrick Choy has informed the WBF that the Organization Committee of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games has officially announced that they will accept applications from 33 international sports federations including bridge to participate in 2020 Olympic Games as additional competitions.