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41st World Bridge Teams Championships

41st World Bridge Teams Championships

By In News On 30th September 2013

Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Bermuda Bowl Gold: Italy

It is over! Italy has won the Bermuda Bowl, USA 2 the Venice Cup. Following a hearing, USA 2 were awarded the Gold medal in the d’Orsi Senior Trophy. The Gordon team won the Transnational Open Teams.

Venice Cup Gold: USA II

Congratulations to all the winners … but indeed to all participants who have played in, and surely enjoyed, this great event.

It is the end of a great Championship, and we must thank our wonderful Indonesian hosts for the warmth of their hospitality, their kindness, their organisation. 2013 Bali will, without doubt, go down in the history of bridge as one of the great Championships.

D’Orsi Trophy Silver: USA II

As well as the Daily Bulletins, published a number of online Articles and Interviews as well as photographs to the Photo Gallery.  All the informaiton from the event can be found through the links below: